MetaTrader 4 MultiTerminal(多账户客户端)为有特殊需求的交易员和经理人特别设计,可同时操作多个账户。该程序拥有友好的用户界面以及MT4的全部基本功能,得益于先进的安全技术,数据传输安全且可靠。

简单与便捷相结合,丰富的功能使得即使没有经验的投资者也能快速开始交易,在同一时间使用MetaTrader 4 进行市场分析,然后使用多账户客户端进行交易。


  • 支持下单(买入或卖出)、修改订单、完全或部分平仓;
  • 操作均在投资人的账户中进行,使得投资人便于控制账户管理人的行为;
  • 支持自动或手动分别为不同账户设置所需的交易量(采用特定算法等额分配交易量或者允许程序在资金比例的基础上自动分配交易量)。


  • 在使用多账户客户端交易之前请先查看使用说明,我们建议您先通过模拟账户熟悉和测试该程序;
  • 管理的全部账户必须属于同一服务器。

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MetaTrader 4 MultiTerminal is a specially developed version of the world's most popular MT4 platform, which is designed both for traders who simultaneously use several trading strategies, as well as PAMM managers and trading signal providers in the NordFX Copy Trading service.

People's wisdom says that you cannot put all your eggs in one basket. So, when trading on financial markets, you need to use different trading strategies in order to diversify the risks and not lose all your funds just in one moment. Moreover, the NordFX brokerage company provides its clients with excellent opportunities for this, thanks to the widest range of trading instruments accumulated on different types of accounts: Fix, Pro, Zero and Stocks.

However, if you trade according to several strategies using only one trading terminal, there will for sure be problems, since it will be hard for a trader to evaluate the efficiency and degree of risk for each of them individually. And here comes MetaTrader 4 MultiTerminal terminal, which allows you to work with almost any number of accounts at the same time.

Thus, the NordFX client can make transactions on one specific strategy on each individual account. At the same time, using MultiTerminal , he or she can simultaneously open orders of the same volume on all accounts, or open transactions of different sizes on different accounts, given the amount of available funds, balance or profit.

Multiterminal has the same simple and intuitive interface as the standard MT4 interface for PC, but it also has a number of specific differences. Therefore, after you download the MultiTerminal on the NordFX website, we strongly recommend that you read the Manual for its use, which can be downloaded by clicking on the nearby link.